Airfield Electrical / NAVAID Design

Airfield lighting, signage, visual aid, and navigational aid (NAVAID) systems are critical to the safety and efficiency of flight operations at your airport—especially after sunset or in inclement weather.

With so much relying on your electrical and NAVAID systems, it is imperative that that you employ the most effective design—one that is safe, reliable, and cost effective. To accomplish this, you need the ability to perform detailed forecast planning, familiarity with the ever-changing FAA regulations, knowledge of lighting technologies such as LED systems, and expertise in communications requirements like fiber optic transmission systems (FOTS). Though you have many factors to think about, Kimley-Horn’s airfield electrical experts recognize your challenges; and we will serve as your partner to ensure that you are up-to-date with changing regulations, emerging technologies, and the latest in airfield electrical design trends.

We’ll Show You the Way

Runway and taxiway lighting. Edge lighting. Approach lighting systems (ALSF, MALSR). Guidance signage. Instrument landing systems. Glide Slope (GS) antennas. Runway Visual Range (RVR) antennas and equipment shelters. No matter the system, we have the expertise to assist you. Kimley-Horn has extensive airfield electrical and NAVAID design experience at the largest hub airports and the smallest general aviation airfields around the country. From pre-planning and initial design to construction administration and independent quality control review, we will serve as an extension of your staff to bring your project success.

The key factor for airfield electrical projects is coordination with the civil and pavement design. And with Kimley-Horn, you gain access to a national team of aviation professionals who can accomplish each of these all under one roof. Reviewing the electrical design for constructability—including coordination with grading, drainage, and pavement sections—for phasing, and for future requirements helps us to streamline your airfield project to completion.

Innovative design efforts along with our understanding of the constraints and required processes for an airfield electrical and NAVAID design project will lead to a final product within budget and on schedule. Our multi-disciplined team paired with our second-to-none experience with various design/construction phases at airports of all sizes positions Kimley-Horn as your go-to partner.