Airport Master Planning

With the highly dynamic conditions of the aviation industry—unprecedented increases in passenger traffic and ever-changing regulations—creating a vision and planning for the future are more important than ever.

Master planning has become the key for airports to keep up with the quick evolution of the industry and ensure efficient and effective service for airport customers. However, the planning process can be a complex and dynamic discipline that encompasses all elements of aviation facilities and operations. While the needs and demands of all airport users, tenants, and the general public are vital, you also need to consider financial feasibility, return on investment, industry regulations, and environmental concerns in each of your plans. At Kimley-Horn, we understand these challenges and possess the resources to successfully guide your airport into the future.

Looking to the Future

Kimley-Horn has worked with numerous airports across the country—from small general aviation facilities to the largest commercial hubs—helping them maximize the value of their entire property while preparing for the future by providing quality master planning services. Our experience has taught us that every airport is unique; each having their own issues, concerns, opportunities and constraints, and should be evaluated according to those individual characteristics. To meet your unique needs, you can rely on our experts to provide creative solutions that can be successfully implemented on the basis of realistic revenue and funding projections, cost benefit analyses, and environmental studies that identify fatal flaws before they find you.

Kimley-Horn’s approach to airport master planning is simple: assess facilities from a holistic perspective, collaborate with the sponsor or other stakeholders as appropriate for input, and be realistic about eventual implementation while considering fiscal and environmental constraints. Overall, our commitment is to work collaboratively with you and your designated stakeholders to develop the best solutions to your challenges and requirements.

Our experienced aviation planners understand the pressures you face. Let us help you create innovative, realistic solutions that work in today’s environment and prepare you for tomorrow’s growth.