Airport Master Planning

With the highly dynamic conditions of the aviation industry—unprecedented increases in passenger traffic and ever-changing regulations—creating a vision and planning for the future are more important than ever.

Master planning has become the key for airports to keep up with the quick evolution of the industry and ensure efficient and effective service for airport customers. However, the planning process can be a complex and dynamic discipline that encompasses all elements of aviation facilities and operations. While the needs and demands of all airport users, tenants, and the general public are vital, you also need to consider financial feasibility, return on investment, industry regulations, and environmental concerns in each of your plans. At Kimley-Horn, we understand these challenges and possess the resources to successfully guide your airport into the future.

Looking to the Future

For numerous public and private utilities around the country, Kimley-Horn has demonstrated a passion for water and wastewater engineering work. Our team of seasoned professionals has expertise in planning, design, permitting, and construction of distribution, collection and transmission systems, water supply infrastructure, treatment facilities, pumping stations, and water storage facilities. But we do not stop there; our partnership extends beyond your physical infrastructure. We help our clients prepare for regulation changes, negotiate permits, optimize processes, evaluate operations, and optimize efficiency for various treatment technologies.

With years of experience and unique local knowledge, our staff has the resources necessary to help you define the challenges, determine your objectives, and—most importantly—accomplish your goals. Let our dedicated, multidisciplinary team of in-house experts help ensure the success of your water/wastewater utility projects and programs.