GIS / Geospatial Services

Geographic information system (GIS) offers a wide range of powerful analysis techniques that can be applied to many different disciplines. Recognizing the value and importance of this technology, Kimley-Horn has developed a multidisciplinary team of GIS professionals that offer GIS services to both public and private sector clients. This multidisciplinary expertise enables us to develop GIS data that is tailored to the specific requirements of your project objectives.

GIS has become the tool of choice for the innovative ecologist, land use planner, city manager, and governmental agency. The relational database of GIS is not limited to geographical data such as land use and zoning, but can include information such as transportation, housing, infrastructure, ecology, social issues, employment, emergency services, and economic parameters.

Kimley-Horn applies GIS technology to our projects to provide efficient, dynamic, and effective services to our clients. Our team utilizes the cartographic, data integration, spatial analysis, and data management tools provided by GIS to perform planning, complex analysis, model development, and data building for a variety of disciplines. Using this information, we have the ability to provide high-level geospatial data and produce presentation-quality maps.

No matter your project, our team can customize GIS applications to match your project’s needs—from evaluating land use alternatives to educating and including the public in the decision-making process.