NEPA / CEQA / State Environmental Documentation

The key to all successful environmental approvals is documentation that rigorously follows the specific requirements and guidelines of each reviewing agency.

If your project involves federal or state funding, you need to be familiar with environmental documentation processes and guidelines—especially the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a procedural law that requires project sponsors to examine the potential consequences of a federal or state action on the environment. No matter the project, Kimley-Horn can help you sort through the nuances and intricacies of each local, state, and federal agency reviewing your project with comprehensive, reader-friendly documentation that backs up our studies, authoritatively and concisely, from cover to cover.

Stringent Regulations? No Sweat.

Kimley-Horn’s environmental planners have extensive experience preparing the full range of environmental documents for projects around the country—routinely tackling plans that involve a broad spectrum of environmental concerns that balance cultural, natural, and socioeconomic impacts. Our team can help you meet rigorous requirements for categorical exclusions, reevaluations, environmental assessments/findings of no significant impact (EA/FONSI), and environmental impact statements/record of decisions (EIS/ROD). We have also blazed new trails in concurrence processing by combining NEPA documentation and Section 404 permit scheduling to provide you with one economical, time-saving approach.

When teaming with Kimley-Horn, you are served by environmental professionals who possess a level of expertise that is extensive, well-rounded, and invaluable in providing you with accurate NEPA, CEQA, and state environmental assistance. In the end, you get defensible, reliable documentation that expedites the decision-making process, ultimately bringing your project to a successful conclusion.