Contamination Assessments / Remediation

Contaminated land or water can be a major detriment to the property owner, as well as causing considerable impacts on health and the environment.

Assessment and corrective action of contaminated soil, groundwater, and surface water require a thorough understanding of the complex systems involved, including the chemical and physical properties of the contaminants released, the nature of soil and water systems, and local, state, and federal regulations remediation of your site.

Eliminating Contamination Concerns

Kimley-Horn’s staff of professional geologists, engineers, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and biologists have successfully completed numerous surface and subsurface contamination assessments and remediation efforts in soil, surface water, and groundwater. We have the knowledge and skills to analyze these complex systems and the ability to understand the limitations of the analyses. Our team will assist you by applying the most sophisticated methods and computer models available while utilizing years of experience to remediate any risks.

Our contamination assessments and remediation consulting services include:

  • Soil and Water Quality
  • Contaminant Fate and Transport Analysis
  • Timing of Release and Reverse Modeling
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations and Testing
  • Peer Review and Value Engineering