Wetland / Stream Consulting

Wetlands are earth’s transition from land to water, from the desert and the mountains to the riverine and coastal plains. They function as wildlife habitats, natural water quality treatment areas, flood zone buffers, and scenic vistas. But if a wetland or stream happens to surface near your construction, mining, discharge, or expansion plans, you could be in for a regulatory showdown.

Projects that involve wetlands or streams rely on the correct identification in accordance with state and federal delineation guidelines, accurate quality assessments, and the understanding of how the wetland system may affect future development. Equally important is understanding the current and potential impending changes to the federal regulations for wetland jurisdictional determinations under the Environmental Protection Act. In response to these vital needs along with increasing government and public involvement in the use of wetlands, Kimley-Horn has developed specialized expertise in every aspect of wetland and stream ecology and regulations.

Wetland and Stream Experts

Kimley-Horn offers site-specific wetlands solutions that are practical for you and approvable by federal, state, and local officials. Our team of wetland scientists, natural channel designers, hydraulic engineers, GIS specialists, biologists, and construction managers has experience on a wide variety of projects throughout the country—projects involving wetland delineation, watershed and basin planning, site selection, dredge and fill permits, mitigation banking strategies, water quality/sediment analyses, wetland/stream restoration and relocation plans, and construction oversight. No matter where you are located, we know the issues, opportunities, and constraints of wetland and stream involvement.

Section 404 / State Wetland Permitting

The Kimley-Horn team is experienced in preparing applications for virtually all types of environmental permits, including environmental resource permits (ERPs) that are designed to meet the dredge and fill requirements under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the requirements laid out by state and water management districts. We make it a habit to stay well informed on the latest changes and status of rules affecting wetland permitting and applications; and our familiarity and relationships with agencies around the country allow us to streamline the permitting process to a successful completion. No matter the challenge, our objective is to minimize the time and expense of permit acquisition while achieving your project objectives.

Based on our experience, wetland and stream projects are much more than simply developing adequate drawings, creating project manuals, and obtaining appropriate permits. Our approach is to garner the critical acceptance of the project by all stakeholders, identify and overcome any potential obstacles, and deliver a project that you will be proud of for years to come. When it comes to expert wetlands and stream support, Kimley-Horn doesn’t just delineate your options, we create opportunities for success.