Environmental Planning / Permitting

Successful environmental planning and permitting requires a creative vision to recognize and develop acceptable alternatives, and engineering skill to bring a project to fruition. Additionally, relationships with local, state, and federal regulatory staff and a detailed understanding of applicable regulations are critical for success.

Environmental regulations have become more complex. Myriad federal, state, and local laws have been enacted to protect our precious natural resources. No matter the project, it is essential that you understand these regulations and the potential environmental impacts your plans may have. The documentation and approval process can be challenging, and you need a partner who will understand your objectives, the project’s complexity, and how best to navigate the regulatory waters for successful planning and permitting.

We’ve Got You Covered

From demanding long-range strategies and complex planning and design to development and construction challenges, Kimley-Horn’s planners, environmental scientists, and engineers combine creativity with their knowledge of regulatory programs to develop insightful solutions and deliver practical results that consistently exceed expectations. Our team can provide you with a wide range of environmental planning and problem solving services, including permitting, corridor location studies, environmental assessment reports, mitigation design, and post-construction facility compliance.

To ensure we provide you with expeditious and effective services, we pride ourselves in maintaining a rich network of interpersonal relationships with all key regulatory agencies and their decision makers. We take a proactive approach to interaction with these agencies, working with you to safeguard your interests early in the process. Our relationships give us the ability to not only understand agency procedures but also their expectations, enabling us to minimize delays.

Through years of providing environmental planning and permitting throughout the country, Kimley-Horn understands that you need to be able to make informed business decisions based on a cost-effective, technically sound, and fast-paced approach. This approach—along with our environmental experience, creative vision, engineering ingenuity, and agency relationships—allows us to deliver environmental documents, plans, and permits that are sensitive to public concerns while respecting the cost and feasibility of your project.