Endangered / Threatened Species Consulting

Where do those tracks on your property lead? Toward successful project completion? Or legal action? The Endangered Species Act affects almost every public and private construction project in the U.S. today, and you need to ensure that all proper steps are taken for both your project and wildlife to flourish.

Currently, more than 1,300 species are protected by federal, state, and local governments, and the laws that govern management of those species are complex. Habitat conservation plans and Section 10(A) incidental taking permits, mitigation and enhancement plans, Section 7 consultations and biological assessments—these regulatory requirements and procedures just scratch the surface. Luckily, survival of protected species does not have to mean the end of your plans. With Kimley-Horn as your consultant, your project will thrive too.

Your Project and the Environment in Harmony

Kimley-Horn’s experienced team of professionals are experts in wildlife biology, endangered species and habitat assessments, vegetation community analysis, and ecosystem studies. We have decades of experience conducting surveys and assessments of terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic habitats, as well as investigations of rare, threatened, and endangered species. Our wildlife consulting experts know exactly what to look for: migration and nesting patterns, feeding zones, critical habitats—all the survey data required by regulators. We’ll then devise a plan that allows you to coexist peacefully with nature, establishing reasonable buffer and protection zones based on bona fide biological data by negotiating fair permit conditions and mitigation terms that minimize impacts to protected species and your budget.

Kimley-Horn can’t stop protected species from showing up on your site, but we can help you determine their presence and assess their impacts using accurate, innovative techniques. We will develop site-specific wildlife survey plans that satisfy regulatory agencies and maintain your project’s forward momentum.