Noise / Vibration / Air Quality Studies

Noise, vibration, and air quality issues present major challenges to projects of all kinds, not just for the developer, but for the health and well-being of society and the environment.

Due to population growth, urbanization, and the associated increase of transportation and machinery, noise and air pollution are more widespread than ever before. As a result, local, state, and federal regulations related to these environmental disturbances have increased in number and stringency—with significant potential effects on your project. Don’t let air and noise issues hamper your development efforts; get help up front from experts who can provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to your challenges.

Minimizing Environmental Outputs

Kimley-Horn recognizes that noise, vibration, and air analyses are an integral part of transportation, commercial, industrial, and residential development. With decades of field experience, our team of environmental scientists offers a broad spectrum of air and noise services, including acoustical analysis for environmental impact reports/statements (CEQA/NEPA), noise studies, architectural and structural acoustics for compliance, industrial and commercial noise control engineering and compliance monitoring, site selection and feasibility studies, MOVES and CAL3QHC modeling, and expert testimony. Just as important, we are adept at navigating local and national guidelines and regulations and know what it takes to get the approvals you need.

Ultimately, the success of your project can hinge on the quality of these analyses and how this information is implemented in design and construction. With Kimley-Horn, you will have access to a multidisciplinary team who possesses the expertise and resources to provide you with personalized services based on your needs and efficiently guide you through the noise, vibration, and air regulatory process to ensure a successful completion.