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Miami Worldcenter

Kimley-Horn provided streetscape and urban design services for the new Miami Worldcenter.

Spanning more than 20 acres, the Miami Worldcenter includes approximately 13 million square feet of retail, residential, office, and institutional uses. As proposed, the Center will create a vibrant, walkable pedestrian environment with a unique sense of place: a modern design statement driven by Miami’s unique physical context, culture, and architectural heritage.

Kimley-Horn partnered with a private developer, the City of Miami, the Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), and other stakeholders in preparing typical sections for streetscapes for the City’s largest proposed downtown project. Kimley-Horn also partnered with numerous utility companies to determine existing underground conditions. Once this information was obtained, we worked with multiple stakeholders to develop and evaluate various streetscape options for roads and avenues within the multi-block project limits.