Babcock Ranch



2 Solar Fields

powering the community


potential residents


Overcame a Category 4 hurricane with no power outages or flooding, reinforcing the storm safe design and innovative surface water system


Emphasizes sustainable designs by including solar fields and a nighttime energy system to power the community as well as electric vehicle charging stations


Designed to reflect natural ecosystems through innovative surface water management, preservation areas, and cohesive community building

Babcock Ranch is an 18,000-acre community in Southwest Florida, strategically designed for storm safety and inspired by the connections between natural processes and civil engineering. This technologically advanced haven is at the epicenter of Southwest Florida’s newest growth corridor, just 20 minutes east of downtown Fort Myers and 25 minutes from the Southwest Florida International Airport. Sustainability is also at the heart of this community, which is powered by two solar fields and focused on continued energy conscious developments.

Community Resilience

In 2022, the Babcock Ranch community notably survived Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm, without loss of power or street flooding. The community’s surface water system mirrors natural flow and acknowledges the interconnectedness of ecosystems within the region, and this thoughtful system promoted land and community resilience after the hurricane. The design of the surface water management system includes created wetlands, additional 50% water quality treatment, water storage basins, control structures to enhance the hydroperiods of existing wetlands, and conveyance to alleviate the existing flow of State Road 31 adjacent to the project.

Kimley-Horn became involved with Babcock Ranch early in the due diligence and planning phases, and our team has continued to provide services for this project throughout multiple stages, including the development of the town center and first 1,000 units of development. The services we have provided and are continuing to provide for Babcock Ranch include the following:

Future Planning

Lake Timber, Babcock Ranch’s first neighborhood, held its grand opening in 2017. When Babcock Ranch is completed, the community will be home to more than 50,000 residents and include single-family and multi-family residential neighborhoods along with additional commercial areas. This distinctive project has already provided a safe and sustainable home for many people, and the project’s continued development poses opportunities for Florida residents to flourish within the state’s unique environmental atmosphere.

Project Recognition

Quick Facts


Babcock Property Holdings, LLC


Punta Gorda, FL


"When a tree falls in nature, the water goes a different direction. When a tree falls in a hurricane in Babcock Ranch, the water goes a different direction. We wanted to make sure that it's given the opportunity to go in a direction that isn't going to cause catastrophic flooding, which is what nature does."

Amy Wicks, Kimley-Horn Project Manager

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