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Manatee County Parks, Recreation & Open Spaces Master Plan

Kimley-Horn worked with Manatee County staff to prepare an update to the County’s Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Master Plan.

Kimley-Horn worked with Manatee County staff to prepare an update to the County’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Our professionals led the project team to review the County’s current master plans, growth and demographic projections, capital improvements plan(s), and operations and maintenance programs.

This project was divided into the following phases:

  • Phase 1: This phase consisted of a robust community outreach and public involvement plan that included community-wide and neighborhood workshops as well as an online survey for residents input. Activities undertaken by our team in preparation for the master plan included visits to existing parks and recreations facilities to gain a hands-on understanding of the County’s level of service, a GIS-based demographic analysis of the County, an environmental review of existing habitats and listed species, parks operations and maintenance assessments, stakeholder interviews and a Recreational Lifestyle Analysis, and an existing conditions and needs assessment summary document.
  • Phase 2: Included in this phase were public outreach meetings, surveys, and web-based input.
  • Phase 3: A parks workshop was held during this phase to develop guiding principles for the master plan and opinions of probable costs for improvements.
  • Phase 4: This phase consisted of the implementation strategies and recommendations derived from phases 1-3.
  • Phase 5: The final master plan document was developed during this phase.