Sustainability at Kimley-Horn

As Kimley-Horn continues to promote developments and engineering solutions, sustainable processes help our staff prioritize environmental conservation for the future.

Our sustainability story takes on many directions across practice areas, and it is as diverse as the services we offer and the clients we support. The nature of what we do—making our clients successful—puts us in a unique position to provide them with sustainable solutions from greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction planning and implementation to strategies around reducing embodied carbon and carbon footprint. For years, Kimley-Horn has been engaged in promoting conservation, renewal, and green design in projects throughout the United States.

Our work to provide built environmental solutions also involves balancing our role as consultants for our clients and the use of our resources. Because of this, we continually create an environment where this balance is championed by our teams, who have the resources, support, and tools to provide sustainability services that minimize the footprint of our actions.

We are committed to collaborating with clients to find green solutions, utilize emerging ideas, and promote environmental resilience.

In line with the services provided to clients, we strive to provide an environmentally sensible office environment for our employees. We do this through careful selection of vendors and office products as well as promoting locally-sponsored green initiatives throughout the firm.

Building sustainable connections

Many of our projects have included a significant element of sustainability. Take a look at a few of them.

Our core purpose is to provide an environment for our people to flourish.

We do this by welcoming diversity of thought and building strong teams who work together toward common goals.