Eliminate the Guesswork of Electric Vehicle Charger Site Selection

Rising demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure has created a surge of opportunity. When nearly any company or public agency can offer public EV charging, operations executives and city planners need practical data to make strategic decisions about where and when to deploy EV charging infrastructure.

Meet TREDLite EV—the solution that gives you real-world data to build a prioritization strategy and meet your EV charging objectives. If you’re looking for a new site or examining a portfolio of existing sites, TREDLite EV can help you select the optimal locations for EV charging.

Actionable Strategies for Businesses and Municipalities

TREDLite EV distills big data into results you can digest. Users can see, compare, and prioritize possible EV charger sites based on your priorities. The solution’s powerful analysis and intuitive interface simplify decision-making and save countless hours for both the private and public sectors.

Gas stations, truck stops, and convenience stores can use it to identify which interstate, urban, and suburban locations will have the highest EV charger utilization. Restaurants and retailers can pick prime locations to increase revenue as easily as city managers can use it to plan an equitable charger distribution. TREDLite EV serves:

  • National, regional, and local chains, including:
    • Retailers
    • Restaurants
    • Coffee shops
    • Hotels
    • Grocers
    • Movie theaters
    • Specialty stores
  • Fleet operators
  • Local, state, and regional governments

Your EV Charger Site Selection Software

Maximize EV charger utilization to increase revenue.

Strengthen customer loyalty by offering chargers where they are needed most.

Access real-world data and analytics through a straightforward and intuitive user interface.

Gain confidence in your decisions with compelling data visualizations.

Expertise Beyond EV Charger Site Selection

The value of partnering with Kimley-Horn extends far beyond site selection. Our EV charging specialists can help you develop a sound and actionable EV charging infrastructure deployment strategy. They can walk you through design and perform all engineering tasks to streamline the deployment process from start to finish. Having planned, designed, or permitted over 15,000 EV chargers for clients across the United States, we know how to deliver results that meet your EV charging infrastructure needs.

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