Parking & Curbside Planning

An exceptional parking system begins with a solid plan. Whether it’s a parking needs analysis or strategies to leverage parking into larger community success, we can help. Kimley-Horn’s parking and transportation planning links the master planning and transportation planning processes.

It also incorporates electric vehicle (EV) charging goals, permitting requirements, and revenue models. Municipalities, transit agencies, universities, school districts, and corporations use Kimley-Horn’s EV consultants to manage costs, apply for grants, and create new revenue streams.

We’ve developed a proprietary parking software which prioritizes curb space between pedestrians, retailers, green space, and parking. Municipalities can account for loading zones, public transit, and passenger pick-up and drop-off locations.

Kimley-Horn also can assist with financial projections. Our real-world experience will help you understand the economic viability of your facilities.

Our parking consultants can assist you with any aspect of your parking program:

  • Curb Management Strategies and Plans
  • Parking Strategic Plans (Master Plans)
  • Airport Landside Parking Master Plans
  • Municipal and University/Campus Master Plans
  • Parking Operations and Program Assessment
  • Air Quality Modeling for Calculation Reductions in Vehicular Emissions
  • Site Analysis and Feasibility for New Facilities
  • Financial Analysis
  • Shared Parking Analyses
  • Facility Management and Operations
  • Revenue, Budgeting, and Expense Models
  • Profitability Analysis

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