Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

When you’re in search of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station consultant, Kimley-Horn has you covered. You need a firm who not only has local experience on a national level in your market, but also one who understands how the market is evolving and how it integrates with municipal or developer-driven plans. You need an EV consultant who will provide creative, custom EV infrastructure regardless of supplier. One who can also help transition fleets from gas to power. Kimley-Horn’s team of engineers, planners, and landscape architects are industry leaders in EV charging stations, and we can partner with you to streamline the process from conception to charging!

EV Consulting You Can Trust

With new legislation and a growing desire for sustainability, EV charging stations are becoming a requirement now more than ever. Kimley-Horn will be your partner during this evolution. We have a track record of success rolling out massive infrastructure plans under budget and ahead of schedule with some of the biggest EV charging station developers in the country. Whether you need site civil engineering, electrical engineering, planning, or utility coordination—just to name a few—we have the experience to identify where, how many, and what type of EV charging stations are best suited for your business needs. Our team leads the pack in electrifying old and new surface lots, parking garages, urban centers, shopping malls, retail sites, office parks, and more.
  • Preliminary Site Layout and Feasibility
  • Due Diligence and Site Selection
  • Power Access Assessment
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Electric Bus Routing
  • Lighting Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • Device Coordination Study
  • Agencies Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Permitting Support
  • Signage Permitting Support