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Meet your goals and maximize curb space with CurbClarity.

A Curb Space Solution

The future of curb space is changing before our eyes. Where we once found parking spots, we are now seeing increased restaurant space, curb-side delivery space, and meaningful landscapes that tell a story. There are endless possibilities—which is why you need CurbClarity.

Used in partnership with a Kimley-Horn professional, CurbClarity is a specialized analysis tool that helps maximize curb space to meet demand and achieves community goals. 

Prioritize Your Needs

What differentiates CurbClarity is the ability to analyze goals within the context of your existing street or block. Where it makes sense for residential parking along a neighborhood street, it may not for a busy commercial street trying to maximize customer access. Prioritize curb space goals, including: 


  • Passenger and valet loading
  • TNC and taxi space
  • Transit loading
access for goods


  • Freight loading zones
  • Food delivery

Public Space and Services

  • Walkways
  • Recreational space
  • Green areas
  • Programmable space
  • Retail and restaurants

Storage of Vehicles

  • Car parking
  • Bike parking
  • Scooter parking
  • Bus layover space


  • Transit priority / transit lanes
  • Vehicular travel lanes
  • Light individual transport space

How It Works

Partner with a Kimley-Horn professional to implement CurbClarity on your next project.After providing key project information, CurbClarity will generate different scenarios to help you visualize your space.

Leverage the power behind CurbClarity in four easy steps:

  1. Gather curb space and corridor data
  2. Prioritize curb functions
  3. Evaluate multiple scenarios
  4. Leverage insights to create desired outcomes

Reach Your Goals with CurbClarity

Maximizing curb space provides many benefits that will improve the overall quality of life in your community:

  • Enhances transparency and communication
  • Increases economic and mobility performance
  • Expands access and mobility options
  • Reduces congestion and travel delay
  • Creates more engaging public spaces
  • Improves street safety

Get Started

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