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Transportation Expert Discusses Office-to-Residential Curbside Conversion Considerations in Smart Cities Dive

Peter Lemmon, Parking ITM

Kimley-Horn’s Peter Lemmon, P.E., PTOE, discusses office-to-residential conversion projects in a Smart Cities Dive article. The article, “Office-to-residential conversions raise questions at the curb,” mentions how the rise of housing needs has led to an increase in adaptive reuse projects. However, these conversions are often complicated by factors such as zoning, parking, and curbside space—a highly prioritized yet limited resource in urban areas.

A transportation expert in Chicago, Peter gives advice on how cities should plan for office-to-residential conversion projects, stating the importance of considering curbside management, parking arrangements, and stakeholders’ needs. Peter explains that each conversion project requires creative, customized solutions, such as flex zones or activated alleyways. He also recommends leveraging technology to collect data, analyze patterns, and tailor solutions to address challenges with adaptive reuse projects.

In addition to Peter’s insights, other industry experts discuss prioritizing multimodal transportation, thoughtfully upgrading curbside management technology, and employing shared-use parking methodologies to account for diverse stakeholder needs.

About the Expert

Peter Lemmon, P.E., PTOE

Peter Lemmon, P.E., PTOE

Peter has more than 25 years of multimodal transportation engineering and planning experience, conducting numerous mobility planning, parking analysis, access and circulation, and subarea planning studies throughout his career. His work has a strong focus on creating safe and balanced transportation solutions in urban areas, and he has a wide range of project experience integrating transportation with other design disciplines.


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