Transit Construction Phase Services

Construction is the costliest and potentially most disruptive phase of your transit project; and the key to successful construction engineering and inspection services is having people in the field who understand the work being performed.

Teams must know how and why specific improvements are built and be privy to variations in methods of construction. Forming a trusting relationship with contractors and departments of transportation is equally important, as is having a strong knowledge of transit systems and FTA requirements. Accurate and consistent record keeping and regular communication will ensure that the project is on schedule and that your stakeholders are getting the expected results.

Support Where and When You Need It

Kimley-Horn offers transit construction administration services, including construction engineering, construction monitoring, contract administration, and inspection that can keep your project running smoothly. When it comes to preparing for revenue start-up, our experienced staff can help coordinate and monitor the necessary system safety testing program.

Our knowledge of construction issues and costs is evidenced by an outstanding record of on-time and on-budget completions. We review design packages to identify constructability issues early in the process, allowing you to make affordable adjustments and maintain steady progress by avoiding stop-work situations.

Whether you need periodic oversight or in the field support, Kimley-Horn’s comprehensive expertise provides support when and where you need it.