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Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) On-Call Planning

Kimley-Horn is providing on-call planning and programming for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's BART Silicon Valley (BSV) Program Office.

When the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) needed a partner who would look out for their best interests, understand their needs, and keep their projects moving forward, they turned to Kimley-Horn.

Kimley-Horn is providing on-call planning and programming services for VTA’s BART Silicon Valley (BSV) Program Office, which is responsible for the implementation of the approximately 9.9-mile, $2.33 billion extension of BART service into northeast Santa Clara County. Kimley-Horn is serving as the BSV Program Office Planning Group by providing ongoing program management and project management services throughout the multiple, critical aspects of the program, understanding each phase, and their connection to every objective.

Support activities have included preparation of new/small start documentation; assisting the VTA Environmental Planning group with EIS development and related supplemental EIR efforts, and assisting the VTA Real Estate group in understanding and resolving property acquisition issues by reviewing VTA design drawings with respect to right-of-way impacts, applying engineering judgment to the reasonableness of proposed acquisitions, identifying unclear or missing information, and other technical support.

Kimley-Horn continues to support VTA Outreach staff on public, private, and city partner communication related to planning and engineering issues. We have supported stakeholder coordination meetings, elected official briefings, interest group requests for information, and VTA Board Member inquiries. We coordinate with private property owners and local governments to communicate project phasing, schedule, and potential cost-sharing agreements. We also support project-related graphics for public use and ongoing, maintenance of the VTA project website.

Kimley-Horn serves the VTA Program Office with on and off-site staff support.