Transit Engineering / Design Services

As demand for urban connectivity and mass transit systems increases, you must maintain, update, or even develop new infrastructure that meets the needs of all transit system users.

Whether you need to design a new platform, make revisions to existing connections, establish alignments, or locate facilities and define property requirements, you need environmental clearance and consensus from multiple stakeholders—all while avoiding fatal flaws. Once these steps are achieved, it’s time to turn your designs into fully engineered construction plans, specifications, and estimates, all while mitigating construction impacts and staying on budget.

Bring Your Transit Vision to Life

The experienced engineers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists at Kimley-Horn work together with our transit specialists to design a complete solution that meets the needs of all transit system users.

Our transit engineers will help you:

  • Address multiagency stakeholder input
  • Develop creative, cost-effective solutions for mitigating construction impacts on active transit facilities
  • Structure key technical work activities like alternatives screening and evaluation; demand forecasts; concept development, and cost estimating

You’ve received your environmental clearance and you’re ready to move ahead. Now you need a team that can bring your vision to life with a design that your citizens and stakeholders will embrace. Our breadth of expertise gives us the capability to meet your needs within one organization, making your life just a bit easier.