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Double Duty: How Systemwide Pump Station Evaluations Can Lead to an Asset Management Program

Effective asset management starts with comprehensive, accurate data. When it comes to pump stations, comprehensive and accurate data can be difficult to acquire. This is especially true when using conventional testing methods like pump drawdowns. With a background in mechanical engineering, our pump station evaluation specialist, Zak Purvis, P.E., developed an idea for a tool that could efficiently collect in-depth, precise operating data. After many hours of research and development, the idea became a reality.

Our pump station evaluation tool can collect thousands of data points per second on up to 16 channels, including an array of attached sensors and existing instrument outputs. Zak Purvis and other team members across Kimley-Horn have used the tool to serve a diverse range of client needs—including systemwide pump station evaluations that lead to asset management services.

When pump station evaluations are completed across a municipality or utility system, our pump station tool can help clients determine and organize asset management needs. Recently, we provided this service for a client in North Carolina when Zak and his team evaluated more than 110 wastewater pump stations. Kimley-Horn then assisted the client with developing a protocol for assigning identification numbers to key equipment for the purposes of asset management. Our team reviewed existing information systems to determine what information is lacking and how to collect it. This information will be instrumental for our client to prioritize their assets and plan for future asset management.

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