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Bruenning’s Breeze Wind Farm

Kimley-Horn wind energy consulting.

Bruenning’s Breeze is the second phase of the Magic Valley Wind Farm located in Willacy County, Texas. Kimley-Horn performed a number of services for the owner, including transportation planning, site civil engineering, and State DOT permitting services.

Bruenning’s Breeze is a 200 megawatt wind farm with 76 turbines which are located on more than 15,000 acres of land controlled by multiple property owners—this required extensive planning to satisfy individual owner needs. To further complicate the planning phase, different turbine components entered the site at different locations. This required multiple transportation routes to each turbine location to facilitate component delivery.

A major regional drainage ditch also bisected the project area. Kimley-Horn determined that only one crossing location had adequate structural capacity to carry the anticipated construction loads. This limited access to the north half of the project to only one location.