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EV Expert Discusses Designing and Planning Infrastructure in Charged Fleet

Electric vehicle (EV) expert Jess Cain, P.E., offered her insights on designing and planning for EV charging stations in Charged Fleet. Providing the latest news and insights about the EV industry, Charged Fleet helps readers navigate through challenges and questions surrounding electric vehicle infrastructure, battery and charging technologies, and more.   

In the article, “Designing the Right Electric Vehicle Charging Depot,” Jess discusses two vastly different EV fleet charging infrastructure projects she has worked on: one with a utility company and the other with a national logistics company. The utility company knew they wanted to take advantage of a microgrid and use solar panels to generate renewable energy on-site. Using microgrids for EV charging helps offset energy consumption from the grid during peak demand hours. On the other hand, the national logistics company had a series of sites that used the existing electrical capacity through the power grid.

Jess explained that both projects required working with a team to create clearly outlined objectives and realistic milestones, acknowledging that it takes time to achieve 100% electrification. She also said that determining the charging equipment and software platform early within the planning process allows companies to better understand the costs of future upgrades and maintenance. Jess advised fleet managers to work closely with partners to build thriving and resilient EV charging stations that will last many years.  

About the Expert

Jess Cain, P.E.

Jess Cain, P.E.

Jess is a senior partner with more than 20 years of experience in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, renewable energy, and telecommunications. She has experience with a wide array of efforts ranging from the development of NEVI plans to the design and implementation of public and fleet EV charging stations to ground based & rooftop solar projects. Jess is focused on program management, strategy and planning, and developing innovative design solutions for challenging sites. She has extensive experience with EV chargers, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance.


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