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EV Charging Expert Discusses Site Selection Software in Government Technology

EV Charging Expert Jenna McDavid

Zero emissions vehicle expert Jenna McDavid discusses our latest electric vehicle (EV) charging site selection solution in Government Technology. TREDLite EV, developed by Kimley-Horn, helps municipalities and businesses select the best EV charging sites based on real-world data and expert planning insights.

The article highlights the press event held by the bipartisan group Elected Officials to Protect America in which elected officials from across the country highlighted the urgency of transitioning to electric vehicles. States and municipalities will need public charging infrastructure to support their ambitious EV targets, making solutions like TREDLite EV crucial.

Jenna explains how TREDLite EV pairs each client’s unique priorities with custom data and analytics to select the prime locations to build charging infrastructure—including locations where incentives may be available to help offset deployment costs. Government Technology also echoes the importance of innovative sustainability solutions like TREDLite EV, stating, “These are the kinds of new technologies cities and planning agencies will be turning to as they move more aggressively toward transportation planning with electrification in mind.”

About the Expert

Jenna McDavid

Jenna McDavid

With more than 24 years of experience in clean energy and transportation, Jenna provides strategic insights and advisory support to help public and private clients transition to zero-emissions vehicles. A recognized leader in sustainability, Jenna’s work focuses on regional strategies for transportation decarbonization, siting optimization for EV charging infrastructure, and fleet electrification support.


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