The Kimley-Horn Foundation

Giving back to our communities is important at Kimley-Horn. Our employees are dedicated to improving their towns and cities through volunteering just as they are with their day-to-day work. We take pride in bettering our communities, and believe in being active participants in the places where we live and work to secure a bright future for years to come.

Charitable Giving through the Kimley-Horn Foundation

Our approach to charitable giving is unique: we support organizations nominated by our staff, places where employees already devote their time and energy. Kimley-Horn professionals volunteer to a large number of organizations—big and small, from neighborhood gardens that feed the hungry, to national causes that teach and mentor the next generation. We recognize their commitment through our Kimley-Horn Foundation, which donates to dozens of organizations based on the passions of our people.

The Foundation’s Wide Reach — A Snapshot of Our Employees in the Community: