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Kimley-Horn’s Recommendations on ‘Equity in Highway Safety Enforcement and Engagement’ Published in New GHSA Report

People in a busy city walking across a crosswalk

In a new report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), Kimley-Horn recommends ten strategies to help reduce racial disparities that occur in traffic enforcement.

GHSA is a strong supporter of traffic law enforcement as a critical tool to reduce crashes, fatalities, and serious injuries. In recognition of the disparities experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) during traffic stops, GHSA worked with a Kimley-Horn team of safety professionals and planners to identify key first steps to address this complex and systemic challenge.

To develop the recommendations, Kimley-Horn spent several months reviewing studies and reports on existing racial disparities, researching national best practices, and interviewing equity leaders, state highway safety office leaders, and experts working in the highway safety field.

The ten strategies developed are intended for consideration by state highway safety offices, GHSA, and law enforcement agencies. Kimley-Horn was pleased to help GHSA take the first step in a long-term process that will seek to address these challenges.


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