Access real-time crowd-sourced travel time data for optimized traffic performance.

Improve your traffic operations and propel smart city initiatives by leveraging reliable, real-time data across your roadway network. With Traction™, you can quickly and reliably improve transportation performance in a variety of scenarios and situations, including special event traffic, off-peak plan performance, and more. Traction™ monitors your transportation network conditions through comprehensive analytics, rich online reporting, automated threshold alerting, and powerful data visualizations.

Deploying the technology is simple. Traction is completely cloud-based and does not require any field hardware. This streamlined approach delivers the technology where you need it, accessible from your workstation, smartphone, or tablet.

Traction: A Smart Cities Solution

Efficient and cost effective data capture

More accurate than Bluetooth field devices

Reliable calibration of other data sources

Instant collection and monitoring


How Traction Works

Accessing Traction™ online is easy through our mobile-based cloud-hosted solution. By aggregating relevant crowd-sourced traffic data from Waze, Google Maps, TomTom/Azure, as well as user-defined trajectory data through the Traction™ iOS and Android apps, your customizable Traction™ dashboard gives you the visual insight you need to make data-driven decisions. No costly infrastructure or time-consuming deployments are required. Traction™ immediately unlocks the ability to gather real-time performance data, along with other key health indicators for your transportation network.

“Traction™ is keeping us well-informed on how I-35 construction activities are impacting travel times for the motoring public in Austin. Traction™ provides our data by the minute, all day and night. The benefits have been immediate and are a great asset to our project.”

Reach Your Goals with Traction

Click on the tabs to see how Traction™ helps agencies reach each of these common goals.

  • Data Accuracy
  • Trend & Pattern Identification
  • System Management

Record your own user-defined trip for any traveled route. Using the Traction™ mobile app, second-by-second speed, heading, and location information using your device’s GPS is recorded and stored in the cloud. Access data for all your trips on the mobile app or via your Traction™ dashboard for powerful analytics including travel time, delay, number of stops, and speed versus time graphs. User trips can also be used for calibration of other probe sources.

Capture and aggregate crowd-sourced travel time data for any desired route, any time of day, up to once per minute. Configure and reconfigure routes of interest based on your operational needs. Examine the trend data and corridor congestion over time through real-time and historic graphs. Increase operational efficiency and communication through automated reporting and automated notifications for travel conditions based on your user-defined thresholds.

Gain knowledge of high-level conditions on your roadway network. Quickly examine key system indicators like percent of signals with clocks synchronized, signals in flash, and signals in communication fail. Dive into the details with real-time intersection operational metrics, now with on-premise integration.

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