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Euclid Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Enhancements


Euclid Avenue is a major north-south arterial serving those in the surrounding communities. Looking to create a safe, navigable route for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles, National City identified a need for bicycle and pedestrian enhancements along the two-mile roadway. Active Transportation Program grant applications were prepared, which awarded the City funding for design and construction. The reduction of an existing four-lane facility to two northbound lanes and one southbound lane was needed to provide room for protected bike lanes. Bend-outs, reverse angle parking, and signal enhancements including two High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) systems were also included in the final design. The implementation of these enhancements resulted in the region’s first bend-outs and the City’s first protected bikeway. Green lines illustrating a pedestrian bend-out

Adapting to Meet Community Needs

National City identified the corridor needed improvements, which resulted in the development of the City’s Bicycle Master Plan. Initially, enhancements focused solely on bicycle pathway improvements, but after several community meetings, the need for pedestrian improvements at key crossing locations became evident and were added to the project.

Design and Implementation

The design incorporated bicycle bend-outs at signalized intersections with designated right turning vehicles. Bend-out treatments increased comfort for those riding bikes by positioning them farther ahead of the vehicle limit line at the intersection, creating separation that gives bicyclists a head start from drivers at the intersection. Safety increased for people biking as a result of eliminating the in-lane mixing zone with right-turning vehicles. To visually and audibly alert pedestrians of oncoming bicyclists, the bend-out design incorporated concrete joints and green paint. Parking space and green bike lanes along Euclid Avenue

Community Impact

The improvements to Euclid Avenue enhanced safety and increased the viability of active transportation in a community that relies on alternate modes. Two HAWK signals and a new signalized intersection were added to provide a controlled crossing at a community shopping center and Paradise Valley Hospital–the City’s largest employer and provider of critical health services. Arial view of pedestrian crosswalks at a four-way intersection

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