BMW SKD Warehouse

Kimley-Horn provided master planning, civil design and environmental permitting for this LEED-Silver 40-acre cross-dock warehouse site in the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Authority (GSP) Logistics Park at the South Carolina Inland Port.

The initial phase of the BMW SKD Operations Warehouse included approximately 410,000 square feet of warehouse and related offices, parking, and site improvements. The site was master planned to accommodate future expansions of the building up to 700,000 square feet. The site required off-site roadway improvements, utility master planning and design, off-site stormwater management master planning and design, and mass grading.

Concurrently with site and infrastructure engineering efforts for the BMW facility, the South Carolina Inland Port was being designed by the South Carolina Ports Authority. Kimley-Horn worked collaboratively with the Port’s engineer to provide innovative solutions such as direct access from the inland port to the BMW site, allowing off-road trucks to haul directly from the warehouse dock to the inland port railhead without traversing public roads.

Schedule for delivery of the building was critical and Kimley-Horn worked closely with the City of Greer and the state to expedite reviews. In 4 weeks, we designed and gained full permit approval on a mass-grading plan on 180 acres of land to allow earth moving. The full site plan and off-site infrastructure was designed and fully approved in 3 months.

Kimley-Horn pulled together several teams in collaboration across multiple offices to produce the construction documents. All of these plans were prepared concurrently and resulted in four separate sets of construction documents that were simultaneously approved for construction.