Surface Water Master Planning

Whether you are a small rural town or large urban city, it is crucial that you establish a surface water master plan to effectively manage stormwater runoff, reduce stormwater pollution, and protect natural areas effected by drainage systems—all while helping you comply with regulations and improve the quality of life for your citizens and existing habitat.

The development of a surface water master plan provides you with a long-range stormwater management system plan that considers future conditions within entire drainage basins; this opposed to incremental planning and construction based on short-term or localized conditions. Additionally, the master plan will give you the opportunity to evaluate your stormwater drainage system and other existing infrastructure to address problems before they arise and to develop future Capital Improvement Plans. Though important, this process can become quite complex as it requires engineering and special analyses, state-of-the-art modeling software and tools, and knowledge of specific data sets such as water quality data analysis, infrastructure capacities, groundwater conditions, and tailwater conditions within the watershed.

Your Knowledgeable Partner ‘til the End

Kimley-Horn’s surface water experts have worked on a variety of water quality, drainage, and stormwater master plans for municipalities and agencies across the country. We are familiar with myriad data sources and know which are most valuable when performing water resource evaluations and financial/budgetary evaluations—subsequently saving you time and money. The primary purpose of any surface water master plan is to identify and assess the stormwater related needs of your municipality, estimate the costs and benefits, and develop an efficient plan to implement projects and address your needs.

When it comes time to upgrading your surface water systems, you need a trusted advisor who will work with you to define and confirm your goals—a partner who understands the complex process you are about to embark on. We will be with you every step of the way—selecting goals, analysis, CIP development, budgetary guidance, and consensus on the final plan.