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Virginia Beach Parking Garage Restoration

Kimley-Horn provided maintenance and restoration services for the 9th street garage.

Kimley-Horn was selected by the City of Virginia Beach for an on-call contract to provide parking consulting services ranging from maintenance and restoration to strategic planning and operations.

As part of ongoing improvements to their parking program, Kimley-Horn developed an overall maintenance program for the City’s eight parking structures, totaling over 6,000 parking spaces, to help them plan for and preserve these major capital assets. Because each structure features mixed-use tenant space, the City needed to be able to allocate maintenance and repairs appropriately and minimize any impacts to local businesses during the required restoration process.

Condition Assessments and System Inventory

Our firm has performed regular, visual condition assessments, document reviews, system inventories and materials testing in each of the eight parking garages. Based on the observed conditions and our experience with these exposed building types, the team then developed a list of prioritized repair recommendations. Budgetary restoration and maintenance cost projections were developed for each priority within each of the garages. This process allowed restoration to be phased over a few years in an effort to align with the City’s planned funding.


Based on the prioritized recommendations and available funding in various years, Kimley-Horn produced repair and rehabilitation construction documents used for competitive bidding and construction. Our restoration documents include both plans and specifications to identify the type of repair, materials to be used, and repair locations within each facility. Kimley-Horn performed construction administration services including on-site observations at regular intervals. Multiple repair phases have been completed with this process since 2007.