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Arizona State University Parking Model

Kimley-Horn's consultants helped save Arizona State University money by providing them with our Park+ modeling tools.

Kimley-Horn has been working closely with Arizona State University (ASU) over the past five years to analyze parking demands and investment opportunities on their Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses.

The use of a proprietary Kimley-Horn software solution on their campuses has proven to be an invaluable asset, helping to make critical decisions and allowing the ASU Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) team to better address impending changes to campus. The use of the solution tool has been beneficial in allowing the ASU PTS team to have an integral seat at the table when the campus administration talks about growth and development. The tool is being utilized to right-size parking on the campus, helping ASU achieve its vision for growth without the constriction and cost of over-built parking assets.

The most impactful analyses that have helped the project team chart the future of the Arizona State campuses include:

College Avenue Commons, a mixed-use facility that includes classrooms, offices, labs, and collaborative study spaces, was the first new campus development along with parking adjacent to the building, evaluated using the solution. The results determined that the new use did not need dedicated parking, helping ASU make the decision not to build 1,500 spaces and saving the university more than $15 million dollars.
Arizona State University and Kimley-Horn worked collaboratively to analyze growing demands on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. After careful consideration, ASU decided to build a joint-use parking garage that could support student use as well as public demands that picked up during the evening hours. Now the solution analysis is being used to evaluate what size garage will maximize the return on investment.
The solution model was recently used to analyze private development on ASU’s property, including an active alumni retirement facility and a new hotel. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the replacement potential of a new parking facility, while evaluating the ability to promote public, private, and campus use of the area.
Private development on the east side of the Arizona State University Tempe campus is currently being analyzed with the solution model. This analysis includes impacts to the campus from potential loss of parking, possible shared parking opportunities, revenue and return on investment opportunities, and the overall management approach.

The fact that we can now utilize actual multimodal campus data and other inputs with the Park+ modeling tool, the output is much more reliable to help with critical decisions, both financial and environmental, in support of the university’s future growth and development.

Melinda Alonzo | Director
Arizona State University Parking and Transportation Services