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Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

Kimley-Horn Tennessee DOT ADA Transition Plan

Kimley-Horn partnered with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to update their 2009 ADA Transition Plan.

The Kimley-Horn team assessed the current TDOT programs, procedures, policies, and facilities for compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, best management practices of other public agencies were reviewed using surveys and interviews. As part of the project, the public involvement process was updated to identify innovative ways to better involve and welcome the disabled community into the process.

Kimley-Horn’s findings were then developed into a Transition Plan, detailing ways TDOT can remove barriers of full participation as well as policies to monitor progress of barrier removal.

Areas addressed in the Transition Plan include:

  • Review of Policies and Practices
  • Communication Assessment
  • Architectural Survey Reports
  • Programs and Facility Accessibility

The updated Transition Plan is currently under review by Senior TDOT staff and is anticipated to be completed by Summer 2017.