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Peter Meyerhofer Speaks with School BUSRide on Zero-Emission Buses

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Peter Meyerhofer

Peter Meyerhofer

National Practice Lead, Fleet Conversion

School BUSRide highlighted Kimley-Horn fleet conversion expert Peter Meyerhofer, who spoke on the various dimensions and need-to-knows for school districts considering zero-emission buses. In the article, “Know the ABCs and DEFs of Electric Vehicles,” Peter details considerations regarding funding, electrical capacity, parking lot upgrades, regulations, and more to provide potential buyers with a path forward that balances environmental protection and effective transportation.

“Districts may need to change their operations and schedules to accommodate range, limitations, and charging requirements, and may need to adjust maintenance schedules and operator training protocols…while complex, the transition is certainly accomplishable and districts all over the country continue to take the plunge.”

About the Expert

Peter Meyerhofer

Peter Meyerhofer

Peter is an expert in transportation facility design and planning, focusing on municipal, roadway, and transit facilities in California and Nevada over the course of his 22-year engineering career. With a strong understanding of considerations and requirements for multi-faceted projects, Peter has developed experience in site civil design, transportation infrastructure, construction phasing, complete streets planning and design, and construction cost estimating. Additionally, Peter brings strong communication, collaboration, and project management skills to any project, working with stakeholders and agencies to coordinate and program complex developments within large operational transit networks and manage costs throughout the project lifecycle.


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