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Intelligent Transportation Systems of America
The Intelligent Transportation Systems of America (ITS America) is dedicated to advancing research and deployment of transportation technology to improve mobility, promote sustainability, and increase safety and accessibility. Over the years, Kimley-Horn has been involved though local leadership and board membership through ITS state chapters. ITS America is the annual convening of public sector, private companies, and academic and research institutions to innovate and transform transportation.

2023 ITS America Conference & Expo


Dhruva Lahon, P.E., PTOE


Future Leaders Program

April 26, 2023  | 1:00-1:50pm CT 

The Future Leaders Program is designed to bring students, emerging leaders, and young professionals to the ITS America Conference & Expo; providing them an opportunity to attend education sessions, training, meet with exhibitors, sponsors, technology providers, and network with ITS professionals that can offer career advice and mentorship.

Kent Kacir, P.E.


Innovation in Freight Movement: Past, Present & Future

April 27, 2023  | 1:00-2:30pm CT 

Innovation in Freight Movement: Past, Present, Future: Composed of representatives from Ottawa, ON, North Texas and industry experts on signal optimization programs, learnings and benefits at various stages of maturity. Through examination of these programs as building blocks in solidifying technology, processes and agile development, creating stronger outcomes and continued iteration as the country prepares for evolving needs and future-proofing infrastructure and mobility operations.

Poonam Patel, EIT


Creating a Safer Mode of Transportation with School Bus Priority 

April 27, 2023  | 10:00-11:30am CT 

Parents across the nation trust school bus drivers to transport their children to and from school daily, and while school buses are the safest mode of commute transportation for students, intersections are the most dangerous part of any bus driver’s route. Through a partnership between private sector technology providers, Fulton County, GA was able to participate in a pilot program to explore the benefits of deploying School Bus Priority (SBP).​​

Matthew Smith, P.E. 


Bus Exportable Power Systems – Vehicle-to-Grid 

April 27, 2023  | 10:00-11:30am  CT 

This panel will detail the concept of Bus Exportable Power Systems and the Federal Transit Administration’s BEPS program; we will talk about the on-board vehicle technology that allows for this concept; we will review the standards development process for this initiative; and we will detail the professional community outreach efforts to develop use cases that will inform the standards development process…including ways transit and emergency management professionals can get involved.

Stephen Buckley headshot photo

Stephen Buckley, P.E., AICP 


Preparing Municipalities for AVs 

April 27, 2023  | 10:00-11:30am CT 

In this session, the speakers will share insights about the complex topic of HAV technology, regulation, and industry. The speakers will also share lessons from a survey of Pennsylvania municipal officials. These perspectives – from mayors, municipal managers, police chiefs, and others – informed the content and presentation of the HAV guidebook.

The speakers will share lessons about communicating information on HAVs to a municipal audience. Key topics that will be covered include communicating on: safety, traffic enforcement, interacting with emergency service responders, infrastructure and risk management, potential fiscal impacts, planning, land use, and zoning.


Kimley-Horn Speakers, Presenters, and Moderators

Stephen Buckley,

A Post-COVID, Automated World: What Do We Plan For?
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Britton Johnson, Ph.D., P.E.
Using Data to Improve Transportation I
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Kimley-Horn Speakers, Presenters, and Moderators

Farukh Ijaz, P.E.,
Planning for Airport of the Future at The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Mapping and Partnership System (MAPS) – Leveraging Partnerships with Third Party Navigation Platforms
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Kent Kacir, P.E.
Findings and Reducing Delay and Emissions Thousands of Signals at a Time
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Dennis Motiani
Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure Event: Advancing a Sustainable Transportation Future Abroad
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