Power Delivery Services

As the ways we generate and transmit power evolve, Kimley-Horn is ready to support your infrastructure from the source to the end customer. We provide tailor-made solutions along the entire power delivery pathway—from generation facilities through transformers, transmission lines, distribution lines, and meters—to help keep our communities and their valuable resources up-and-running. Our portfolio represents public and private electric utilities, generation owners, private developers, and industrial clients. We have planned and engineered projects ranging from 4 kV to 500 kV. Kimley-Horn has an established team of industry-leading staff to provide cost-effective, impactful solutions.

Transmission and Distribution Engineering and Planning Services:

  • Overhead and underground line design
  • Substation civil/structural
  • Substation protection and control
  • System studies and relay settings
  • SCADA and network communications
  • Renewable/distributed generation utility interconnections
  • Owner’s engineering and consulting
  • Program/project management
  • Complimentary siting, routing, permitting and environmental services

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