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Site Design Services

Kimley-Horn site design land development consultants.

The key to a successful land development project is identifying site constraints early, then designing imaginative yet workable solutions.

From off-site improvements to on-site infrastructure such as paving, drainage, roads, bridges, and utilities, you want complete construction-phase services that ensure your project looks and works properly. Whether you’re bringing dated utilities up to current standards or accommodating local stormwater requirements, you’ll need solutions that don’t require purchasing more land or asking for more time. A partner who thinks like a developer will pay attention to cost and make your renovation, expansion, or new construction a reality.

Puzzle Masters

Kimley-Horn views your site as a puzzle—and we are the puzzle masters. We utilize our relationships to develop solutions that satisfy codes and requirements and minimize impacts to your project, budget, and schedule. Our deep bench of land development experience, agency relationships, exceptional client service, and communication with local agencies help us produce plans we’re proud to offer. In the shortest time possible, we’ll anticipate problems before they occur, find creative solutions, and position your site for success.