Due Diligence & Feasibility Analyses

Rezoning and access. Floodplain and environmental issues. Permits and impact fees. These are only a few of the potential obstacles to address during the predevelopment stage of your land development project.

But how can you commit to a site if you don’t know what’s going to happen down the line? The answer starts with the steps you take before you break ground or even purchase property, which could mean the difference between your project’s success and failure. Weighing important site selection factors—like hard and soft costs, schedule, and risk—and identifying obstacles early on can save you time and money from initial site selection through regulatory approval.

A Partner Who Listens

As part of your team, Kimley-Horn’s first responsibility is to listen. What do you want? Is it feasible? Politically? Financially? Is your candidate property the best site? After defining your goals and objectives, our planners and engineers analyze all issues critical to determine feasibility and provide recommendations to help you realize your vision.

Our unrivaled relationships with regulatory agencies and local governments let us quickly outline your path to development approval and help you seize opportunities to maximize a site’s value. You can count on us to ask the right questions and give the right answers, and to follow up and follow through. Our expert counsel will anticipate obstacles and remove them before they put a dent in your wallet.