Comprehensive / General Planning

Comprehensive planning doesn’t have to be boring. General plans and comprehensive plans should capture the vision and aspirations of the community and identify the initiatives and projects necessary to achieve them.

Community plans are most effective when a dynamic process is crafted to engage community leaders and stakeholders in thoughtful consideration of the relationships between land use, transportation, the environment, community resources, urban form, and economic vitality and how they shape our cities and towns.

Kimley-Horn approaches comprehensive planning with a core purpose in mind: to facilitate a process for informed decision making that is aligned with community values and vision, community development strategies, and urban design and transportation priorities. Community engagement is an integral part of our approach, and our processes use a variety of outreach techniques to identify and address each community’s unique strengths and challenges.

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Collaboration with Clients

Successful comprehensive and general plans are no accident: they come from hard work and collaboration with our clients. Our approach emphasizes aspirational planning (what does the community want to be?) with a focus on implementation (what steps will be required to remain successful?) and measurable outcomes (what should we anticipate as a result of the community’s success?)

Kimley-Horn’s approach to comprehensive plans centers on a commitment to:

  1. Use goal-setting and visioning exercises to understand baseline community desires.
  2. Create a holistic understanding of community dynamics.
  3. Conduct a dynamic process that fosters a constructive conversation of community challenges and desires.
  4. Provide a framework upon which to offer realistic and measurable strategies for the plan’s major elements.
  5. Apply an interdisciplinary approach where the Comprehensive Plan is integrated with other community plans, investments, and initiatives.

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