Policy / Regulatory Planning

In our fast-paced world of planning, it’s easy for policy and regulatory limitations to hinder the viability of development projects.

Regardless of size or type, development projects need to fit within your community’s zoning and land development codes. Most codes today are based on older, traditional codes which have been amended over time and may no longer conform to portions of your plan. Understanding new standards and state statutes will create an updated, consistent, and easy-to-use plan for your project. As you sift through land use plans and codes to ensure your project meets its requirements, you’ll want a partner who works as an extension of your staff and understands the complex world of policy and regulatory plans.

Tailor-Made Codes

“One size fits all” does not apply to policy and regulatory plans. Kimley-Horn’s planning and development team can help you navigate the variance/waiver process, or write codes specific to your project. Our codes are tailor-made and based on location and implementable standards. Whether you’re a municipality or developer, we understand the questions to ask and assumptions to consider when looking at specific code requirements, and we’ll make sure your project plan fits within the community it serves.