Facility Planning

In this time of limited resources, school systems and municipalities must seek to spend every dollar wisely—particularly when it comes to facilities and capital improvements.

School master plans must seek to reinforce and react to a system’s educational and student needs while crafting an action plan for the next 5-10 years. Successful plans consider local educational specifications including desired class sizes, school sizes, grade span arrangements, special program needs, technology, transportation, athletics, and other needs. Local development patterns and their potential impact on student locations and enrollment also shape a facility’s master plan.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Cost

The facility planning professionals at Kimley-Horn work with local governments and K-12 districts to develop strategic plans and site specific strategies to reinforce community goals, maximize efficiency, and minimize long term costs. Our facility planning processes will:

  • Assess needs in a comprehensive, system-wide fashion
  • Translate programmatic goals into facility needs
  • Make objective, site specific recommendations in the context of system-wide goals
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize long term costs

We also have significant experience conducting stakeholder input and public information meetings. While staff and public participation should be tailored to the needs of each community, we can facilitate community leader interviews; small group meetings with administrators and staff; Board and Council work sessions; and public input meetings as part of the strategic planning process.