Corridor Revitalization / Planning

The challenges facing our nation’s major corridors are as numerous as they are diverse.

Major roadway corridors often struggle under the weight of providing regional mobility and local access, addressing the needs of multiple modes competing for space and attention, and fostering attractive and memorable places and community gateways. Creating implementable corridor and revitalization plans requires a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort that addresses these unique issues and challenges.

Within and Beyond the Right-of-Way

Kimley-Horn’s corridor and community revitalization plans balance mobility needs and the role of the corridor in the larger transportation network with economic development and adjoining land use issues to provide guidance within and beyond the right-of-way. Based on our experience, successful corridor and revitalization plans:

  • Build upon a thorough understanding of local dynamics and the many influences on the corridor
  • Emerge from a collaborative process that engages agencies, local governments, stakeholders, and the community
  • Balance competing interests through planning processes that result in informed decision-making
  • Go beyond visioning to action-based strategies tied to specific community objectives
  • Emphasize plan, program, policy, and project implementation

Let us apply our expertise to your next corridor revitalization challenge.