Program Support Services

Effective implementation and management are essential factors in the schedule, budget, and overall success of your airport programs. To achieve success, you need support personnel with the right skills and expertise—a partner with the resources of a practiced and well-qualified aviation consulting firm to serve as an extension of your staff and assist with the administration of your airport programs.

Optimizing Your Program

Kimley-Horn has been partnering with airport clients for many years to lead assignments for short- and long-term programs. At each location, our team members have become trusted advisors and thought leaders, in addition to being skilled engineers. We provide flexible project staffing that can be increased or decreased as needed to meet your project’s demands, as well as specialized staff to support projects with unique requirements. Our team’s insight and experience will identify project challenges early to provide effective and sustainable solutions that will enhance your ability to maximize funding and implement projects on time.

As your program support consultant, we can assist with overall program coordination and provide other support functions, including:

  • Project management and administration
  • Grant administration
  • Technical assistance
  • Cost estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Construction management and inspection

With decades of aviation project management and a wealth of engineeringplanning, and environmental science professionals under one umbrella, Kimley-Horn understands the requirements of an airport consulting contract, including the need to be responsive, quickly develop scopes of services for assignments, and produce quality deliverables often within short time frames. We commit to provide the support you need to bring each assigned project to a successful completion.