Evermore Orlando Resort: Creating a Central Florida Beachfront Oasis

$500 million




Creative Permitting

Conducted extensive research and assisted the client through a strategic permitting process at both the local and state levels to permit the first man-made lagoon in the Central Florida area

Complex Construction

Managed active construction of various resort elements surrounding the lagoon and utilized tactical management, coordination, and design organization to adapt to daily changing on-site conditions

Innovative Design

Designed with the guest experience in mind by seamlessly integrating the operational infrastructure and equipment through the design and implementation of unique sub-grade storage areas

Located next to world-famous amusement parks in Orlando, Florida, Dart Interests’ Evermore Orlando Resort offers luxury amenities such as a 7.8-acre lagoon and 20 acres of beach. The staple of this innovative property is the Evermore Bay—a man-made turquoise lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology. The lagoon features a rope swing, water slide, boat dock, boathouse, and poolside cabanas, allowing guests to stay fully immersed in the tropical atmosphere. The Evermore Bay is the first of its kind to be fully designed, permitted, and constructed in one phase.

Dart Interests knew this high-luxury lagoon would require an experienced and efficient team to guide them through the planning, design, and construction phases. Kimley-Horn has completed six stunning lagoons across the United States, which is why Dart Interests chose our team to bring their vision to life. After spending more than three and a half years designing the project, Kimley-Horn partnered with Crystal Lagoons and EDSA to aid in the development of lagoon amenities through the design phase, providing the following services:

Our team also extended consulting services through the bidding, construction, and operational phase of the project.

Transforming Florida’s Code for Man-Made Lagoons

Due to lagoons being a new (but fast-growing) amenity, our design team strategized with the local jurisdiction to expeditiously navigate through the permitting process. We also partnered with Crystal Lagoons to identify a way to strengthen Florida’s public bathing place code to include artificial lagoons. Our experience and success with this process stemmed from previous projects developing Crystal Lagoons® amenities, along with our extensive research of Florida’s codes and contact with local and state officials.

When Florida bathing place codes were officially altered six months into the lagoon design phase, strategic meetings were needed to identify impacts to the project. Our team quickly adapted to the challenge by coordinating with permitting agencies and safety subconsultants to successfully keep the project timeline on track.

Kimley-Horn also took a phased permitting approach to meet critical construction deadlines by creating individual permitting packages for the various design elements in and around the lagoon. By doing so, our team was able to gain approvals more quickly and simplify the inspection process, saving the client time and money.

Lagoon Construction and Weather Resilience

Since Evermore Bay was being developed at the same time as the rest of the resort construction, our team had to strategically and simultaneously coordinate with contractors to ensure that the villas, boat house, flats, and hotel construction remained uninterrupted. The ongoing construction surrounding the lagoon also required our team to expeditiously redesign, reevaluate, and reroute lagoon plans to accommodate the changing needs of the site and contractors.

Simultaneous construction paired with Florida’s tropical weather, including Hurricane Ian, made protecting the lagoon and construction materials from the elements a priority. The team created scheduling efficiencies and on-the-spot strategies to mitigate these weather impacts, preserve imported materials, and allow construction to progress in spite of unpredictable conditions.

Innovative Lagoon Design for Enhanced Experience

Guest experience was at the core of Dart Interests’ vision for the resort. This resulted in the generation of new, innovative designs and strategies to keep guests immersed in the tropical magic of the resort by keeping lagoon equipment and daily operations out of sight. To accomplish this guest experience goal, our team leveraged the following actions:

  • Undergrounded piping and vaults to conceal the lagoon pumps
  • Camouflaged the mechanical building by incorporating the adjacent development’s architectural style
  • Blended the equipment room with the resort’s aesthetic
  • Designed nearly 500 feet of buried pipe chase to house a retractable hose bundle for underwater cleaning equipment
  • Adjoined above-grade lagoon elements to the surrounding buildings
  • Placed lagoon-front equipment strategically within other infrastructure to avoid additional equipment rooms and exposed equipment
  • Partnered with subconsultants to manufacture custom equipment that could operate effectively in the new underground conditions
  • Worked with the operations team to develop a unique, comprehensive nighttime-only cleaning strategy

After years of intensive collaboration and creative adaptation, Evermore Orlando Resort will be opening for guests in 2024, allowing the community and visitors to experience all the luxury destination has to offer.

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“Kimley-Horn’s team was a pleasure to work with. Their expertise, problem solving skills, and good counsel because of their previous experiences was an asset to the owner.”

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