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Enhancing Solar Photovoltaic Structures Through ASCE

Jon Manning Explains the Need for Solar PV Guidance in pv magazine USA

Jon Manning, PE

Jon Manning, PE

Structural Engineer

The Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently approved the formation of the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Structures Committee. The group is comprised of engineers, manufacturers, contractors, permitting officials, and owners who will provide guidance on the design, development, and construction of solar PV structures on building rooftops, carports, and ground mount facilities.

Kimley-Horn’s Jon Manning, PE, joined Steve Gartner, PE, to co-author an article for pv magazine USA describing how the new committee will place increased focus on the structural and geotechnical design of structures that support PV modules to make them more reliable and economical. Currently, there is no formal industry guidance for these structures. To fill this gap, the new ASCE Solar PV Structures Committee is collaborating to provide the guidance needed to consistently streamline reliable PV structure builds across the industry.

Learn more about the new committee in the latest edition of pv magazine USA

About the Author

Jon Manning, PE

Jon Manning, PE

Jon is a professional engineer focused on structural engineering with and around geo-materials. His specialties include utility tunnel and shaft design, rock mechanics, soil and rock-structure interaction, concrete and steel design. Jonathan has experience in design of new structures, analysis of existing structures and construction engineering services, including structural special inspections and field observations.


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