Higher Education

LEED Certified Higher Education Development Consulting

A college campus is like a small city—people live, work, and play within its confines. From mobility planning, parking, and traffic management to sustainable energy solutions, resiliency planning, and water reuse, your campus is full of opportunity to enhance operations and create a positive environment for students, faculty, and visitors. Designing for the safety, well-being, and accessibility of each employee, student, and visitor is an integral part of any improvement, expansion, or maintenance plan—and Kimley-Horn has the rigor to deliver.

For the past 50 years Kimley-Horn has provided services for more than 400 public and private colleges and universities in 28 states across the country. Our innovative designs have led to more efficient mobility and greater accessibility for a variety of higher education institutions throughout the country. Whether you are developing a new campus, expanding your facilities, or redeveloping an existing area, our nationwide multidisciplinary consulting expertise will help you reach your goals on time and on budget.

Design has a powerful impact on the campus environment. Our landscape architects, professional engineers, designers, and planners are well-versed in the strict guidelines and codes generally put forth by university architects and the need to preserve and reflect the quality of life provided by institutions of higher learning. We’ll partner with you to make sure every change or new addition to campus harmonizes with the spirit of campus life, traditions, and your institution’s rich history. Over the years, our projects have reflected this intention—be it through master planning for a campus of the future, transforming a heavily traveled vehicular corridor into a pedestrian-friendly walkway and streetscape, redesigning a historic site to house the main administrative activities, providing user-friendly parking, or conducting parking and circulation studies.