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The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a global network of professionals in every sector of real estate development and land use. Kimley-Horn is a proud supporter of ULI’s mission to “Shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact on communities worldwide.” Through event participation, as well as serving at local leadership levels and on national committees, Kimley-Horn has experienced a rewarding relationship with ULI that has also led to an on-going corporate partnership, further building upon our depth of engagement and long-standing organizational support.

Kimley-Horn ULI Product Council Members

Kimley-Horn is honored to support ULI’s mission through Local and National Product Council service. Council members further the development of building and bringing communities to life from redeveloping neighborhoods to designing mixed-use facilities. Kimley-Horn’s involvement in Product Councils provides opportunity for leadership, relationship building, and direct community impact through a culture of candidness, exceptional programming, and sharing of lessons learned in the commercial real estate industry.

ULI Fall Meeting


Ryan Gram, P.E.


Harness the EV Revolution to Increase Revenue at Your Development

October 26, 2022 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm CT

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are gaining a larger share of the automobile market. A majority of automakers have detailed plans to electrify large portions of their fleets over the next decade, with some announcing goals for fully electrified lineups within five years. It is predicted that 58 percent of cars sold by 2040 will be electric. In addition, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) includes $7.5 billion to help accelerate EV adoption and build a nationwide network of EV charging stations to accommodate this staggering growth. Implementing EV charging stations is a visible indication of developers’ and public entities’ commitment to sustainability efforts. Charging stations also provide a competitive edge for developments since EV owners tend to stay, spend, and buy where they can recharge. Studies show that EV chargers attract shoppers to retail locations; professionals and businesses to office buildings/business parks; and residents to multifamily developments. The conversation will focus on the impact of EV demand, challenges and benefits of implementing EV, emerging technology, and ways to save costs. 


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Beth Tucker, AICP
Mapping Impacts of Injustice
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