National Association of State Aviation Officials
NASAO provides Kimley-Horn with the opportunity to engage with state aviation decision-makers from across the U.S. through a single organization. Kimley-Horn has partnered with NASAO and its members for many years by sponsoring and participating in the Annual Conference and Exposition. Through this engagement, our team connects directly with state aviation officials, learns about the issues facing state aviation, and contributes our technical experience and knowledge to conference attendees. Much of our experience serving state aviation agencies includes work on projects ranging from planning through design and implementation, as well as technology solutions started with relationships that were enhanced by our participation in NASAO.

Kimley-Horn 2021 Presenter

Advancing and Future Proofing the Practice of State Aviation System Planning

September 14, 2021 | 1:30 – 2:45 PM MDT

This session will examine the recently completed ACRP Project 01-36 Advancing the Practice of State Aviation System Planning and the intent of the guidebook to provide practical guidance for state aviation agencies embarking on a state aviation system plan.  Many NASAO members have been involved in the research for this guidebook and will benefit from its implementation. In addition to understanding how and why the guidebook can help state agencies, attendees will hear from Missouri and Colorado on their takeaways from the guidebook and how they intend to use it moving forward.


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Pam Keidel-Adams
Resilience and Response of State Aviation in COVID-19
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