National Parking Association
The National Parking Association (NPA) is North America’s leading parking trade organization providing training, certification, and access to leading edge parking technology across public and private sectors. As a parking and mobility specialist, Kimley-Horn, supports NPA in it’s mission to serve as a market leader in parking industry research, education, and advocacy that advance the industry. Kimley-Horn is serving on NPA’s board of directors and continues to participate and present at the NPA annual convention and exposition.  

2022 NPA Convention & Expo


Adam Cochran


Running a Sustainable Parking Operation: Products, Tools & Techniques 

September 19, 2022 | 9:00-10:00 am CT

There is more to sustainable parking than LED lighting and solar panels. This fun, fact-filled session will present a wide range of products, tools, and processes available in today’s marketplace that can help reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions, improve water run-off, and mitigate any damage to the environment. Yes, we’ll look at LED lighting, solar, and digital signage systems, as well as the use of recycled construction materials, and the adaptive reuse of space. In addition, the session will examine some current best practices around parking meters, enforcement polices, curb management, and demand pricing that can reduce congestion and benefit the environment. 

Michael Garau, P.E.


Historically Speaking: Engagement and Communications in the Context of Cultural and Historic Resources

January 13, 2022 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Projects involving impacts to historic resources require extensive public engagement and communications as part of the Section 106 consultation process. A dialogue is needed to learn about which places, properties, or landscapes are important to a community and why. This interactive workshop will walk through the process of engaging the public on projects with archaeological, historic, or cultural impacts. Participants will work through multiple scenarios to evaluate various techniques. 


Kimley-Horn Presenters

Doug Gettman, Ph.D.
Workshop: Managing Traffic Management Systems (TMS) Assets and Resources
Lectern Session: Artificial Intelligence in Signal Timing Applications, Tee-Up the Session: AI or Not, Owners Just Want Their Timings Up-to-Date
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Lisa Burgess
Workshop: Managing Traffic Management Systems (TMS) Assets and Resources
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Jacob Farnsworth
Workshop: Safety Performance Decision Making: Advancing Research Through Implementation
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Carlye Lide
Poster Presenter: The Disconnect Between the Practice’s and Community’s View on Transportation Performance
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Dhruva Lahon
Poster Presenter: Case Studies in Performance Based Analysis of Geometric Design, Performance-Based Analysis for Safety Plan and HSIP Project Prioritization
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